How to Combine Videos on Your iPhone

Whether you use your iPhone as a dash cam, capture special moments, or create content for social media, the device’s high-quality video capabilities are indispensable. It’s no surprise that many people utilize their iPhones for video capture while on the move. More than just recording, your iPhone can also edit videos, allowing you to combine multiple clips into a seamless montage right from your device. No need for expensive desktop software or transferring videos for editing. Here, we will guide you through two effective methods to combine videos using both the native iMovie app and a third-party app available for free on the App Store.

Combining Videos Using iMovie

The iMovie app, available for free on newer iPhone models (iOS 16.0 or later), is your go-to for basic video editing tasks. Follow these steps to start combining videos:

  1. Open iMovie and select ‘Start New Project’ > ‘Movie’.
  2. Navigate through your gallery or go to Media > Video > All to choose your videos.
  3. Select the clips you wish to merge and hit ‘Create Movie’ at the bottom.
  4. Preview your video by tapping the play button. Add more videos or rearrange them as needed.
  5. Adjust transitions, trim clips, or rename your project. When satisfied, tap ‘Done’ and share or save your video.

Using InShot for Advanced Editing

If you’re using an older iOS version or need more sophisticated features, InShot is an excellent alternative. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download and launch InShot, then grant access to your photos.
  2. Select the clips for your project and use the editing tools to enhance your video with transitions, filters, and more.
  3. Remove any watermarks by watching an ad or upgrading to InShot Pro.
  4. Finalize your video by adjusting the resolution and frame rate, then save it to your photo library.

Seamlessly Merging Memories

Merging videos on your iPhone not only enhances your video content but also helps you preserve memories in a dynamic and engaging way. Whether you’re a casual user or an avid content creator, mastering these tools can significantly boost your creative capabilities, ensuring that your video narratives are not just seen but also felt.

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