How to Change the Background on Your Instagram Story

Enhancing your Instagram Story by altering the background color is a simple way to make your posts stand out. Whether you’re adding a photo, video, or just using text and stickers, here are two effective methods to personalize your Story’s backdrop.

Method 1: Change Background with an Image or Video

Most Instagram Stories feature an image or video. If your media doesn’t fill the entire screen, you might see blank spaces around it. Here’s a straightforward way to change those spaces to a color of your choice using the Draw tool:

  1. Open Instagram: Tap the Your Story icon at the top-left, then select the photo or video you wish to upload.
  2. Access the Draw Tool: Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner and select Draw.
  3. Select the Color: Use the pencil tip icon on the top toolbar to choose your color from the palette below.
  4. Apply the Color: Press and hold your finger on the screen to fill the background. Use the eraser to clear over your media.

Tip: For a transparent effect, use the highlighter instead of the pencil tip.

Method 2: Using the Create Tool

The Create tool on Instagram allows you to start with a blank canvas and utilize various templates like polls or GIFs. Here’s how to change your Story’s background color using this feature:

  1. Activate the Camera: Open Instagram, swipe right to access the camera, and tap the Aa Create option.
  2. Choose a Background Color: Once you select a template, tap the color bubble in the bottom-right to cycle through background colors.
  3. Post Your Story: Fill out your template and share your Story.

You can also revert to the Draw tool method within the Create tool for more customization.

Enhancing Your Stories Beyond the App

Sometimes, in-app editing tools might not meet all your customization needs. For more sophisticated edits, consider using external editors like Photoroom. These platforms offer extensive templates and advanced editing tools, including background removers and AI-driven design options, perfect for creating professional-looking Instagram Stories.

Dynamic Video Backgrounds with Green Screen

For video stories, utilize the green screen effect to add creative backgrounds. This tool allows you to overlay your video over any selected image, providing countless possibilities for dynamic and engaging content.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Story Creativity

Your Instagram Story is a canvas for your creativity. By experimenting with different background colors, using both in-app and external tools, you can create engaging content that captures your audience’s attention. Whether you’re promoting a brand or just sharing your daily experiences, these tools can help you craft eye-catching stories that resonate with your followers.

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