Effortless Techniques for Faking Curtain Bangs Without Cutting Your Hair

Curtain bangs have become one of the most sought-after hair trends, especially since 2020, thanks to their chic, vintage-inspired look. However, the idea of chopping a chunk of your hair can be daunting. The good news is, you can achieve the curtain bangs look without ever picking up a pair of scissors. Here are some strategic styling tricks to help you fake curtain bangs on straight, wavy, and curly hair.

Faking Curtain Bangs on Straight Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine demonstrates that faking curtain bangs on straight hair is simpler than you might think. The secret lies in using a curling iron and some hairspray.

Begin by sectioning out your “bangs” area. Instead of parting your hair down the center, form a triangle with the tip about 1.5 inches back from your hairline. Part each side diagonally down toward your forehead. This method ensures a natural, blended look, avoiding the tendril effect.

Next, use a one-inch curling iron to create a face-framing curve. Curl each section away from your face, starting close to the root. Ensure the bend’s coil lands at your brow. Comb each section away from your face while pinching the part at your hairline and spritz with hairspray. Use a flat, creaseless clip to hold the pinch in place, molding the fringe to follow your brow and temples. Add another spray, clip the sides by your temples, and leave the clips in for about five minutes to set the shape.

Creating the Curtain Bangs Effect on Wavy Hair

Wavy hair provides a great base for a faux curtain bangs look. According to Amy Abramite, creative director at Maxine Salon in Chicago, the key is creating the illusion of a length difference from the center to the sides.

Start by sectioning your “bang” area as described earlier and part it down the center. Using a curling iron, curl the first few inches of hair away from your face, leaving the mid-lengths natural. This contrast creates the bang effect. Curtain bangs have a downward sweeping angle from a middle part, with the shortest part in the center gradually getting longer toward the cheekbones. Brush out the waves slightly to soften the look and pinch the center together for a face-framing effect.

Faking Curtain Bangs on Curly Hair

For curly and coiled hair, it’s all about manipulating your length to mimic bangs. Abramite explains that the base of your curls will lift, making the lengths spring up on your forehead and the sides appear longer by your cheeks.

Start by applying a volumizing mousse to the roots of your “bangs.” Use a blow-dryer and diffuser to lift the roots with your fingers, avoiding the mid-lengths and ends to prevent frizz. To finish, pull out a few curls to cover your forehead and pinch the center of your “bangs” together to close any gaps.

If you prefer not to use heat, pull back all your hair except for the triangular front section. Use bobby pins to shorten the coils to your desired length, starting from the hairline and moving outward to create the curtain shape.

A Fresh New Look Without the Commitment

Transforming your hairstyle with faux curtain bangs is an easy way to test out a new look without committing to a cut. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, these styling tricks will help you achieve the chic curtain bangs effect. Embrace the vintage-inspired, face-framing fringe and enjoy the versatility it brings to your style. Next time you want a fresh look, remember these tips on how to fake curtain bangs without cutting your hair.

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