The Warwick Business School (WBS) AI Innovation Network (AIIN) brings together scientists from diverse disciplines, as well as corporate and technology partners to examine the transformational impact of artificial intelligence on business and society.  

The AIIN will provide the platform for collaboration across different stakeholders including public, private and third-sector organizations to tackle Global Research Priorities such as developing sustainable cities for urban wellbeing, innovative solutions to tackle global health problems, global governance and cybersecurity, and new economic models for financial transactions, among others. Specifically, the key objectives of the AIIN are to:

  • Drive access to, and development of, world-class AI solutions 

  • Provide an inclusive and broad agenda of research to pursue cutting edge AI research across different industry sectors

  • Attract and optimise funding and expertise together to build a robust foundation for industry and academic investigation, publication and capability development

The AIIN will leverage the strong academic reputation and world-class network of WBS to develop the following uniquely differential skills:

  • Advanced new capabilities and value in human and machine intelligence

  • New business and societal models for addressing global challenges such as the sustainability of smart cities, the security of financial systems, the sourcing of energy and other materials including water and food, and improved diagnostic processes for health

  • Policy guidance and practice for ethics, work employment, risk management and governance

Mark Skilton
Professor of Practice, WBS,
Industry Director, AIIN

Mark Skilton is a +30 year Experienced Professional Consultant, Author and Internationally recognized Senior Advisor with a track record in top 1000 Companies in over 20 countries and across multi public, private and start-up sectors. He is a current practicing head of digital strategy at Enzen, Applied Research & Collaboration (ARC), and has direct Industrial experience of commercial practice leadership, boardroom and investor strategy to program team and transformation management at scale. See more

Panos Constantinides
Associate Professor, WBS,
Academic Director,

Panos Constantinides is an Associate Professor of Digital Innovation at the Warwick Business School. His research focuses on the transformative potential of digital technology, including digital platforms and artificial intelligence. His research has been published in world-elite journals such as Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly and Organisation Studies. His research has also appeared in The Guardian, The Conversation, CBS News and Raconteur among others. See more

Joe Nandhakumar
Professor, Associate Dean of IT Solutions, WBS, AI Lead, AIIN

Joe Nandhakumar is Professor of Information Systems at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. His primary research interest focuses on the design and use of digital technology and its implications for the nature of work and organizational interactions and engagement. See more

Debbie Bend
Network Coordinator, WBS

Debbie Bend is Group Coordinator of the ISM Group at the Warwick Business School. See more