The Times commentary of AI detecting human emotions

Photograph: David McNew/AFP/Getty Images

Humans give so much non-verbal communication away without realizing it. Facial expressions to the tone of voice have been analyzed by deep learning neural networks that

are excellent at spotting unexpected correlations in a multitude of data features that humans can not see or process. Studies in 2018 showed it was possible to predict people’s

Sexual orientation from just their facial images. Other studies in 2017 could infer human emotions from just the speech patterns of people indirectly.

How the actual gate of the human movement can give away yet more non-verbal information about personal feels and state. While this is good for medical applications and in crowd behavior

Situations that may benefit from checking in crowds, its also another issue of how AI can be used to violate personal privacy and norms. Something that along with fake news and deep fake videos is yet more evidence of the need for regulation and governance of this dual-use technology – for good and bad.

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