Quote to Sky News for Futurist/futurologist predictions for the decade ahead “Quantum computing 2"

“Quantum computing 2nd era will arrive taking over from the 1st wave silicon chips leading to exponential compute power and new innovations in medicine, transport, finance, climate change”

The famous doubling of compute power “Moore’s law of computing” is reaching 3 nanometers by 2020 and the limit of today's silicon miniaturization. Quantum computing with Google’s recent announcement of achieving the first example of quantum supremacy is now a reality where we will see new super performance in the next decade. We already have quantum encryption in finance and companies like DWave are already solving traffic scheduling problems and other complex tasks. The limits of AI today for example, when added to quantum computing, will enable super-intelligent processing of huge data sets. New superhuman scheduling quantum algorithms will change how smart energy use, smart cities transport to retail supply chain control will change how we plan and organize whole systems of resources and assets. This is just breaking in research labs and forward-thinking companies as Moores law morphs to quantum.

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