Forbes commentary on new NHS National AI Lab

AI in health is probably one of the leading industry sectors early beneficiaries of the tremendous advances AI has to offer. With the increasing costs of health taking more of the national GDP and the aging population living longer, there need to be ways to provide better cost-effective health care as well as exploiting the massive advances enabled by AI and new medical advances.

There are already many initiatives across the health industry and medical services sector using Artificial Intelligence in both primary clinical care though to research into new ways popularized by the image recognition of cancer diagnostics to the manifold of new startup innovators using AI in new medical devices and new medical services.

Setting up the National AI Health Lab for the NHS is a very good move in that it helps focus the many opportunities I've seen first hand to build a national strategy at scale plus improved regulation and privacy governance

It is quickly obvious that many initiatives in regional hospitals need to be able to be moved and exploited in other regions and this new initiative should help this if the organization is engaged in the right way with the hospital infrastructures.

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