Commentary on the rise of Cyber-Physical Systems and Automation

The rise of cognitive cyber physical systems that grew from the intelligent factory ideas of Industry 4.0 circa 2010 has seen a renaissance of both sensors embedded and more integrated into machines, objects and its assisted or fully autonomous uses and the digital twinning of physical and virtual system data. What this has enabled is a reimagination of learning systems that exploit these huge data and real-time information sources into “smart” systems that can

Learn, evolve and adapt over time. This is well beyond the “sell healing” concepts but the connectionist agenda of fully actualized smart systems that connect to their environments and human users in new ways we have only started to exploit and realize. This is why next generation assembly, design, manufacturing will be deeply integrated from idea to use to upgrades and replacement in a much more optimal and sustainable way. The shifts to service-oriented, “always-on” , “always connected” with open up not just new revenue streams for suppliers of these products and services, but will need to be underpinned first but decentralised smart agents and adaptive data architectures and sensor networks that can enable with new kinds of business models. Companies that understand these new dynamics and approaches beyond the simplistic blockchain market or individual machine learning quick fix will need to take a combinatorial mindset that understand how these work as ensemble ideas with robust, cyber secure architectures that will become truly connected and smart. The future will be connected to the present by this paradigm shift so what we do today will enable new innovative ways for future-proofing capabilities that grown and adapt with the market and with you along for the ride of your life.

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