Industry Collaborations

Engaging corporate, technology, government and third-sector organizations through workshops, events, conferences on AI innovation, as well as one-to-one AI Strategy and capability development, and academic-industry forums and AI impact cases.

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Cabinet Office Projects

Exploring how Artificial Intelligence methods can develop new ways of working

with the Innovation Group at the Cabinet Office.

NHS Coventry and Warwickshire Projects

Working with the Innovation Hub to investigate how Artificial Intelligence can impact healthcare practice and clinical development.   

Enzen Projects

The Applied Research and Collaboration (ARC) Labs at Enzen work on the development of combinatorial projects to deliver innovation and breakthrough intelligence opportunities for the Energy and Utility sectors. The collaborative aim is to seed development of disruptive models, smart solutions and new capabilities to minimise environmental impact and increase sustainability whilst maintaining accessibility and affordability for consumers. Helping create smart solutions to global Issues and support international programs for change.

Behold.AI Projects

Developing innovation in health care and solutions to clinical Artificial Intelligence  capabilities for radiology 

Fetch.AI Projects

Exploring intelligent market models using blockchain and artificial intelligence in a variety of industry sectors.  

The Money Cloud/Coefficiency Lab Projects

The project will democratize FX for SMEs and the retail market, using an autonomous machine reasoning service.


We are a  firm dedicated to empower companies to untap the potential of artificial intelligence solutions in their business.    Development of next-generation human-machine interfaces, neural networks, financial behavior, AI and cybersecurity,  and brain-computing interfaces.